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Meet The Stud: Odin

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At Texas Hilltop Bullies, we take immense pride in our Bully breeding program, and today, we are elated to introduce you to our magnificent stud – Odin. He embodies the epitome of strength, grace, and charm, making him an exceptional representative of the Bully breed.

Name: Odin
August 17, 2021
Weight: 125 lbs. and growing
Height: 21 in.
Girth: 34 in.
Length: 22 in.
Head Size: 24 in.
Neck Size: 15 in.
Color: Chocolate Merle
Health Tested & Guarantee Info

A Towering Presence:

Odin commands attention with his majestic presence and confident stance. He stands tall at 21 inches, showcasing a sturdy and well-proportioned build that is both impressive and captivating.

A Colossal and Robust Frame:

Weighing in at an impressive 125 lbs. and still growing, Odin’s size and power are awe-inspiring. His substantial weight is a testament to his robust health and vitality.

An Imposing and Well-Balanced Structure:

Odin’s measurements perfectly align with the breed standard, reflecting his well-balanced and harmonious physique. His proportions exude an aura of strength and athleticism.

A Mesmerizing Coat:

Odin boasts a striking Chocolate Merle coat that is truly mesmerizing. His unique coloration sets him apart, adding an element of allure to his already captivating appearance.

A Picture of Health and Vigor:

Odin is health tested, and his sound physical condition is a testament to our commitment to breeding only the finest examples of the Bully breed. We ensure that he is free from any genetic health issues, allowing him to thrive and pass on his exceptional traits to his offspring.

Breeding Services:

For breeders seeking to enhance their Bully breeding program with the magnificence of Odin’s lineage, we offer stud services to approved females. Odin’s remarkable qualities and health-tested genetics make him an exceptional choice for producing superior Bully puppies.

Contact Us:

If you are interested in learning more about Odin or our stud services, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or give us a call at (325) 660-6768. We would be delighted to share more about this majestic Bully stud and how he can contribute to the future success of your breeding program.

At Texas Hilltop Bullies, we hold Odin in the highest regard as he represents the very essence of the Bully breed. His regal presence, combined with his remarkable health and temperament, makes him an invaluable asset to our breeding program. With each passing day, he continues to inspire us, reminding us why we are so deeply passionate about these magnificent dogs.