Meet The Stud: Odin

At Texas Hilltop Bullies, we take immense pride in our Bully breeding program, and today, we are elated to introduce you to our magnificent stud – Odin. He embodies the epitome of strength, grace, and charm, making him an exceptional representative of the Bully breed.

Introducing Our Newest Addition: Frenchie Male #2

Please join us in welcoming the newest member of our fur family, this adorable Frenchie Male puppy! This little guy is an absolute delight and has already stolen our hearts with his charming personality and playful antics.

Training Tips for Your New Frenchie or Bully Puppy

Bringing a new puppy into your home is a joyous occasion filled with lots of excitement. However, it’s also a time that comes with new responsibilities, including the task of training. Here at Texas Hilltop Bullies and Frenchies, we want to set our puppies up for a successful transition into their forever homes.

Bullies and Frenchies in West Texas: Why These Breeds Thrive in Our Region

As proud Texans, we know there’s something unique and special about the Lone Star State. From our wide-open spaces to our rich cultural heritage, there’s no place quite like West Texas. Just as our people have adapted and thrived in this environment, so too have two of our favorite dog breeds – the loyal Bully and the lovable Frenchie. Here’s why these breeds are a perfect match for our West Texas lifestyle.